Your Help

Dear Friend,

I apologies if the contents of this letter are contrary to your moral ethics , but please treat with absolute secrecy and personal .

I am an employee of a commercial Bank also an Account Officer to a deceased customer who is a National of your country, We lost this customer and his family in an auto crash some years back, and his account valued at (Ten Million, Eight Hundred Thousand U. S Dollars) with us has been dormant and unclaimed due to unavailability of a next of kin / relatives to claim his estate, since his son whom he used as his next of kin died with him in the crash.

In accordance with the Es-cheat laws of banks, the Board of Directors of the Bank met a forth-night ago and resolved to turn the estate of the deceased over to the Government having waited for too long without the deceased relatives / next of kin surfacing, and if this is done, invariably the funds will end up becoming Government property .It is against this backdrop that I am moved to contact you as you share same last name. write back for more information.

I await your prompt response,
Mr Larry Powell