My name is Mr. Mbeki Lucas, I am a South African man by birth and resident in Spain. I am a sale and account manager in a financial Consultancy firm here in Madrid. My Company is mandated to source for reliable investors in the World over to invest available funds in profitable business ventures.

This is why I am making this urgent contact with you and your associates, some prominent individuals in Marbella the Andalusia region of Spain made these funds available to my firm and the available fund is in US dollars amounting to millions, because of the heat they are now facing from the law for the unauthorized sales of states properties, the city mayor and deputy mayor amid allegations of money laundering is now under house arrest, for property development offences, including building on land protected from development, manipulation of public tenders, and the acceptance of bribes as well as schemes to alter the price of municipal services.

Depending on your experience and proposal you will forward to us, we will determine a suitable amount to remit to you to kick off the business you intend to invest in. You will manage this business without interference for a period of three years, after which, the profit on investment will be shared after taxation.The investment areas are not limited and may include new businesses or injection of funds into an existing firm that, of course, is profit oriented, bearing in mind that you are not authorized to invest in public Companies or Government agencies.

You can incorporate a firm fully owned by you based on the laws of your Country or invest this money in a private Company’s a shareholder. You can equally trade stock or export and import goods as may be profitable. Fresh funds may also be invested to enlarge the business if the prospects are good.

All these are without any liability to you as this is a risk that the fund owners are ready to take, you will be required to make urgent contact with us to finalize arrangements on how to move the agreed funds into a fresh account you will open with the bank where we have lodged the funds and sign related documents that will authorize you to manage this money on our behalf. A draft agreement will be forwarded to you to enable us fine-tune all gray areas and ensure a smooth take off.

Please, get back to me to enable me forward more information to you all we need is to ascertain your credibility, resourcefulness and experience.
I earnestly await your response.


Mbeki Lucas
Sales and Account consultant
Edifica Caja de,Avinguda
Madrid Spain