Hello About the consignment Dear Partner

Hello My lovely friend,

May the almighty God continue to bless you and your family for your very kind and prompt response to my email,indicating your willingness to assist me transfer this funds for investment purposes in your country or any country that you will recommend .am well impressed by your person and I feel I have found the right person, but time will tell. As you know, the success of this transaction will depend on our total mutual trust. I want everything to be clear to you right now but you have to read carefully.

Due to the United Nation policy on Afghanistan, there is a plan to move some troops out of Afghanistan so I will be among the people that will be moving out. I cannot take this money to the United States because since they know me as military personnel, they will want to know how I come about it. Due to this, I have made an arrangement for a Red Cross diplomat agent to move this fund. The question is who will be in charge of the money in my absence? This is exactly why I need your help. I want to guarantee you that you will not stand any risk in this as I have mapped out the strategy to have this box moved out of here safely Through Diplomatic means.you have to keep everything confidential till you receive the box.do not disclose it to any other person,for security reason.I have made all the arrangement on how to carry out the transaction,i will be in your country in two weeks time.Please make sure that you keep everything confidential till you receive the consignment box.

The plan: The box will leave on board the Red Cross jet from Kabul tonight 5th and arrive Kuala Lumpur International Malaysia Airport on 6th of January 2017. Upon the arrival, I shall let you have the contact of the diplomat for you to reach an agreement with him on how and where the box will be delivered to you in your country. You shall let him have your full names, address of delivery and your phone numbers for him to make the necessary logistics involved.

Note: It has to be clear to you that the diplomat is not aware of the content of the box as I will only tell him that it contains your personal belongings. Then you shall take control and reach an agreement with him as regards to the delivery of the box to you.You are going to help the diplomat to secure the diplomatic yellow tag before he move down to your country to convey the consignment to you,Because i instructed not to open the consignment.The yellow tag is required to avoid the customs and other security agents at the airport not to search the consignment, this is in accordance with United Nation’s diplomatic delivery act. Do not be afraid of anything.

You must have to be aware that you are going to assist the diplomat to get the diplomatic yellow tag there in Kuala Lumpur International Malaysia Airport before he move down to your destination, the diplomat shall not have any doubt that the box belongs to you because I instructed at no time the box will be open or search.The diplomat shall make use of his diplomatic immunity to ensure that the box is delivered to you as a diplomatic package which shall be free from any form of check at the airport.

The box: The box contains the money and will be protected with a pin code which I will make available to only you alone. You shall not in any case disclose the content of the box to the diplomat for security reasons.I told him that is your personal belonging.That is why the diplomatic yellow tag is require from him. As soon as you receive the box and the pin code, you shall have in mind that your percentage will be 40% of the total sum while you shall ensure that my own percentage of 60% is intact.As soon as i come to your country,you will help me to invest it in a good profitable venture.


Item: One silver box
Weight: 45.90KG
Effective capacity: 780 approximately

I will contact you again as soon as the consignment arrive in Kuala Lumpur International Malaysia Airport and furnish you with the contact of the diplomat.

In God We Trust
Sgt Haley Vail Rogers