Our Ref: CBN/IRD/CGX/NNPC/021/07
Swift Code: BPH KPL PK ,
A/C#: 329606=101244=169=678


Dear Valued Contract Beneficiary: –

I am glad to have your response, with reference to your message to my humble office, I deemed necessary to brief you on the processing and rules of this bank. I will advise that you oblige to all given instructions to you from my office and every other departmental bodies of this bank for the enhancement and immediate release of your funds through our afflict bank.
It is with immense pleasure that I deemed very necessary to inform you the confirmation of your information is well acknowledged. First and foremost, is rest assured that your contact with this Ministry will never be in vain, as we work to protect the interest of our clients in as much as you are ready to oblige to our rules and regulation for we to mobilize the exercise.

All necessary approvals certificates from the various ministries involved in the release of your beneficiary payment are all intact, which will be delivered to your perusal for future preference at the confirmation of your contract payment.

But to avoid inconveniences to contractors, whom cannot make it down here for this vital exercises to be performed because of the time frame in payment of first quart payment, which is about to flight off, contractor can receive their approved payment via the following option of payments with full assurance and contractor is responsible for handling charges.

The following are our mode of payments:

(1) Payment Release Cash Via Consignment , Your Contract funds will be transferred to the Diplomatic Warehouse in Canada for your collection,( C). Note: on this mode of payment you will be required to travel over to Canada for the clearing of your funds via baggage consignment, and you will be required to handle your consignment (fund) clearance at your arrival for collection. The Foreign Operations and fund clearance of the bank immediately for your arrival, collection and further clarification if is okay by you.

(2) Payment Release via wire transfer directly to your private bank account: of which your major charges will be deducted as soon as the funds are credited into your bank account s for the staple federal governmental business permit, you will have to pay for the transfer charges which will expedite the payment process only.
With reference to the procedure of the bank on issuance of payment to contractors, contractors are required to come down here for proper identification and endorsements of the vital documentations before the payment is being release to any contractor.

We urge you to kindly specify your option of payment as your outstanding payment forwarded to my humble office by the Federal Government in your favor as the beneficiary, has been successfully programmed.

Having abided to these instructions from the CBN, your outstanding contract beneficiary payment, lodged in the bank pecuniary vault will be released to you. Be informed that know deductions of funds is allowed, be it a cent from the principle sum, You should call me on my direct number {+} for further discussion on your own convenient time.

Thanks for your good understanding and co-operations.

I wait your swift response over these new developments,

Murray Mcbridge