I am pleased to solicit your sincere and urgent assistance over this matter, My name is James Sizu . I am arranging to come over to your country with some large sum of money which i planned to invest with your 100% assistance.

However, I do not know any investor in your country who I may trust to handle the business for me as I am a foreigner and will likely travel back to my country as soon as formal agreement is signed and the funds invested in a viable business of your choice. Secondly, I want to know what is required to bring in a large amount of money to your country , I have a reliable contact that can guarantee safety delivery to your place. Could you please indicate your interest to work with me for this purpose?

I want you to let me know the business you planned to invest the funds and what i should be expecting for the period of 5 years. I am prepared to give you 5% of the total sum before investment and 30% of the profit realised for 5 years.

I will inform my attorney to prepare a memorandum of understanding which we should sign on my arrival. I am in need of your response to this arrangement to enable me find out the situation regarding the amount someone can bring into the country although i dont think it is going to be a problem because of my contacts.

Please get back to me as soon as possible for us to discuss further.

James Sizu.