From Senator David Mark, senate president.

Attn Dear
I’m Senator David Mark, senate president Federal Republic of Nigeria, all these people you are contacting can not help you, when I ask the monitoring team to check your record they told me that you have paid a lot of money in Nigeria and out side Nigeria in process of receiving this money.
So you should know that this money did not belong to you, but the owner of this money is death and when the bank was looking for his relation my friend was the bank director then, and I know that one of the relations came to Nigeria and the bank release part payment to him which was five million dollars.
But and when some one contacted you, the bank now delete the name of the first person they paid to as the relation of the owner of the money, and only your name appear as the beneficiary or owner of the money.
If you can work and comply with me I will use my power and position here to make sure that you receive this money with out delay, the reason you have not receive this money is from you, because when they print your out payment to me I see you paying even $200 how can you have up to ten million and some is telling you that what holding your millions is two hundred ($200) and you believe the person?
If I involve my very self, I know that before this week you are going to receive this money, but you should know that I will have a percentage in the money, and you will come here or I will come there, immediately the money is transferred, because I know that It takes international transfer three days to clear in account, so before the money will clear I will meet you so that I will receive my percentage.
You know here in Nigeria we are having an Election the year 2015, and I want to contest for presidency, so if you are agree you should get back to me immediately.
Senator David Mark
The Senate President Federal Republic Of Nigeria