Dear Beloved

Dear Beloved,

Greetings in the name of God I am Mrs. Regina Robert, a widow to Late Anthony Robert who was a wealthy business man before his sudden death. May his Soul Rest in Perfect Peace Amen? I am 68 years old and new Christian convert, suffering from long time cancer of the breast. From all indications, my condition is really deteriorating and it is quite obvious that I will not leave more than six months according to my doctor, because the sickness is now at the critical stage.

My husband was killed by the rebels in Northern part of Ivory Coast during the political crises, and during the period of our marriage we couldn’t produce any child. After the funeral of my beloved husband, his entire family pushed me out from my matrimonial home and confiscated all my husband’s properties and bank accounts. The only inheritance I have from my husband now is a deposit $3,200.000.00 American dollars which he made in a bank which none of the family members knows nothing about it. Since my life on this earth will not be long and no child to inherit this fund, I decided to donate it to the kingdom of God for the survival of widows, orphans and street children in your country. I know that you will say why me after reading this message but I want you to understanding that contacting you in this donation fund is not by my power as you can see that none of us have see each other before, rather contacting you is a divine direction from God that knows the heart of all human beings that he created.

Our good God has remember you in his blessing house for being faithful and obedience in worshiping his name and understand that the blessings of God does not count on religions rather on your faithfulness to his commandments and I don’t want you to bring apply fears in this call from God because when fear controls your life, it will reduce the ability of God in you.

My dear, I want you to spend some time in communicating with our God, seek for his face and ask him questions because he is your father. Remember that the Holy Scripture has made us to understand that every obedient child has legal authority to his father, so you have the chance to ask our God questions concerning this notice from your sister Regina Robert whom you have never see before, I strongly believe that our good God will give you a clear revolutions over this service he has appointed you to handle for the survival of helpless once around you. God said, I will strengthen and help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand (Isaiah 41:10). Fear not because our good God is on your side and will provide every material things for you in this service.

I will be looking forward to hear back from you so as to confirm your acceptance to work for our living Almighty. God bless you. Yours beloved sister in Christ,

Mrs. Regina Robert.