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Be advised accordingly

MAIL REFERENCE: SNS/38493484/NL/09 BE ADVISED ACCORDINGLY. My previous mail was not responded to and found it necessary to write you once more regarding this subject matter. Be informed that our search revealed your last name to be same with a customer of the SNS Bank… Read More

Inheritance funds A

Dear Friend, I am John More the Manager, Bills And Exchange at the Foreign Remittance Department in a Bank. Actually, I have a very urgent & confidential Business Proposition for you & for our mutual interest.On the 6th of March 2001,our Customer, an American National,late… Read More


This is a personal message sent to you and should be treated as such and i am very sorry about my manners of approach ,As you read this,I know you will be surprised to read from me, but please consider this as a request from… Read More


U.S. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY, MG Timothy J. Lowenberg, Adjutant General and Director State Military Department Washington Military Dept., Bldg1 Camp Murry , Wash 98430-5000 USA GOOD DAY TO YOU. I HOPE THIS MAIL FINDS YOU IN GOOD SPIRIT AND IN GOOD HEALTH? BECAUSE I… Read More


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