Payroll Assistant

This could be of interest to you We are currently in search of a payroll/book-keeping assistant willing to work for our company JOB TITLE: PAYROLL/BOOK KEEPING ASSISTANT HOURS OF WORK: PART TIME SALARY: $1,000 PER MONTH JOB REQUIREMENTS AN UP-TO-DATE WORKING COMPUTER A COLOR PRINTER… Read More

Part time job offer

Opportunities are available for reliable persons/companies who will act as a PAYMENT RECEIVABLE AGENT in receiving and funds owed to us by our customer within the United States.Please advice if you are interested in handling this position. We often pay $500 – $700 to our… Read More

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Job position available

Prospective employee, There is a job opening at Renold Plc, we are searching for a financial payment contractor who is willing to work for us and get paid $200 daily commissions with weekly bonuses without leaving your present job within USA. You will receive payments… Read More

the job opportunity

Good day, viewing your profile I develop the interest to inform you of the job opportunity in our firm, this is the notification e/mail for the job advance program in ( C N R L Oil Company Ltd canada.The above named Company under the management… Read More