Bruce Richmond

Dear ,

Good morning Yadira. How are you doing today and how is your day going so far? I’m so happy to read from you again. I believe every thing happens for a reason in my life and so do meeting you I believe there is more to it, that’s why everything that I do is made of my own free will and wish. I’m sure everybody must create his or her own life by himself or herself. If I don’t believe in myself then other people will not, so I believe that it will work out between us if we really want it to. All the things that happen with us are necessary to make our life more interesting and sensible. When we get acquainted with new people – we get knowledge, learn to live and become more experienced. Maybe that is the sense of life. I believe we can create it the way we want based on trust, love, understanding, caring and honesty. If we get along well, I’m willing to relocate and be with you. I feel so honored to meet a clever, kind and interesting woman but when you are betrayed, mistaken, when people start to lie to you – you may even loose the sense of life. But in any case I forgive everything when something like this happens in my life, as it would be a good time for me to learn to understand how much I should be careful, opening my heart to different people. Really I believe in trust and honesty in a relationship so if we want it to work we should always learn to trust and be honest to each other. Caring is also important as it shows a lot.

like I said before I only have one close friend Barry and many colleagues but I try to find the only one who will be able to fill up my inner emptiness thanks to her understanding, care, trust and faithfulness. Of course it’s difficult to make the right choice. It does not mean for me where the person resides or the distance, I know that I will have to overcome a lot of difficulties, but if we don’t do this, we won’t be able to understand the potential power that is inside our hearts. In life we can never know if someone is the one until we give him or her a chance to prove him or herself. I also do not believe that if I got hurt in the past I should label all women to be bad and same applies to a woman, if you got hurt in the past by a man, it is unfair to label all the men as bad just because of one rotten apple. I think everyone should be given a chance to prove themselves and show their potential then only from them judgment can be made as to whether he is the one or not. I really do miss so much of the warmth of another person and feel I can offer a lot to her. I am very gentle, romantic, sensitive, understanding, considerate and polite, very sincere and optimistic. They say I have got good manners and good character too. I enjoy simple things in life and thank God for giving me a chance to enjoy life, but I want to share it with a special woman, hopefully it is with you. I am dreaming of a loving partner, which is what will make my happiness complete. In my mind, there is something romantic in such kind of correspondence, as real feelings can’t be born without romance. I suppose that love is eternal. People should not live in vain, leading a fast life, that’s the reason why they always search for their second halves.