Be advised accordingly


My previous mail was not responded to and found it necessary to write you once more regarding this subject matter.

Be informed that our search revealed your last name to be same with a customer of the SNS Bank N.V. whom for some years we have not been able to trace any of his relatives. The benefit worth millions of dollars is overdue for payment.

By virtue of my job as Head of Compensation and Benefits department, your last name can be accepted for a heir to this amount of money. You need not worry about the legal requirements as you shall be closely guided and directed on this.

Due to the sensitive nature of this claim process,it in the best interest of success of this claim that you keep this to yourself for now unless informed otherwise.

Kindly send to me your full names as stated in your driver’s license or international passport and your mobile/cell phone number. Further details will be made available to you as soon at you respond to this mail.

Sincerely yours

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