Attn: Beneficiary

Attn: Beneficiary

This is to Officially Inform you that it has come to our notice and we have thoroughly Investigated by the help of our Intelligence Monitoring Network System that you are having a Legal transaction with one personnel of the republic of NIGERIA. During our Investigation, it came to our notice that the reason why you have not received your payment is because you did not fulfill your complete Financial Obligation giving to you in respect to your Contract.

So therefore, we have contacted the Federal Ministry Of Finance in Republic Of NIGERIA on your behalf and they gave a solution to your problem by arranging a compensation payment in total sum of Two Million Five Hundred Thousand pounds in an internationl certified ATM CARD which you can use to withdraw money anywhere in the world, hence you now have the lawful right to claim your fund in the ATM CARD by contacting the ATM CARD CENTRE.

Proceed and contact the ATM CARD CENTER for their requirements to procure your Approval Slip which contains details of your PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PIN) that you would use in activating and operating your ATM CARD in any ATM Machine close to you, please note that to procure your Approval Slip it would cost you ( 310 dollars )only, Since the Federal Bureau of Investigation is involved in this transaction, you are rest assured that this transaction is 100% risk free so do contact the ATM CARD CENTER to let you know how to make payment for the procurement of your Approval Slip which is the only payment needed for the processing and delivery of your ATM CARD respectively to your designated address.

Please reconfirm the required information below for the effective delivery of your ATM CARD.
Full names.
Complete contact/delivery address.
contact phone/fax numbers.
Also below are the contact details of the ATM CARD official for you to proceed immediately to procure your Approval Slip containing your PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION NUMBER (PIN)
Name : Mr:John Elvis

We do await your quick response earnestly so we can proceed with our Investigation and make sure your ATM SWIFT CARD gets to you accordingly without delays.
Thank you for your anticipated co-operation.
Hope to hear from you soonest.
FBI Director.
Shirley Velaz
Republic Of Nigeria .

Note: Disregard any email you get from impostors or offices claiming to be in possesion of your ATM CARD, you are advised only to be in contact with Reverend peter Edmond of the ATM CARD CENTRE who is the rightful person you are suppose to deal with regarding your ATM CARD PAYMENT and forward any email you get from impostors to this office so we could act on it for subsequent investigation.