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Business Proposal

In the galaxy where all is beauty i fine it necessary to approach your Platform these way, well i apologies for the inconvenient it will take you to listen to my magistrate got your contact when i was searching for business partner one fact to know is the essential sadness to pass through life without experience, yet is also sad to pass through life without sharing once experience and weakness to others, if this is truly of me, i remain my humble self Barrister Damian Danso by name from Netherlands.

In receipt to your profile, is a pressure and also necessary to relate this issue before your hearing, my late Client (Mr. Dominic Dim Deng) was returning with a military delegation to the regional capital, Juba, from a political conference in the town of Wau on Friday, 2 May 2008, he should had being in (Juba) for a political era, so their plan clash and my Late Client die. See the website for confirmation,


My aim of writing you this email now is that My late Client should have being in Malaysia for a project on 4th night of these incident a project that worth the sum of ($25,500.000.00), Twenty Five Millions Five Hundred Thousand Dollars, deposited with a Security company in Malaysia, and he was expected to be Malaysia as soon as he return juba, eventually this incident occurred. I need your humble assistance to retrieve my late Client funds from the security company into your care as we come over for investment as i can not come out for this fund being his personal Lawyer. All the documents of this money and is where about is in my position. I need your urgent update of your interested of being my suitor to this Matter.
Thanks and God Bless.
Barrister Damian Danso.
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