Accrued interest


I have a business deal for you born out of an accrued interest payment from a deposited contract funds payment account in one of the official government account with us. now that the new government financial policy commenced the Single treasury Account (STA), we are bonded by law to remit all government funds and accounts back to a single treasury account with the CBN.

While auditing these accounts I discovered some already paid out and remitted funds which had generated an accrued interest of $1.7M. in pro rata. this accrued interest is a bonus on the contractor account, which the contractor is not aware of. I would be a fool to remit accrued interest back to the government treasury. Hence I need your cooperation and assistance as a foreigner to repatriate the accrued interest of $1.7Million to you as the supposed contractor while the huge principal sum goes back to the Government Single treasure account accordingly.

Kindly reply me if you can receive the accrued interest payment on my behalf for share and reinvestment in your country.


Mr. Yusuf Bello