“Congratulations – you have been left $5,000,000 by your long lost uncle. All you need to do is send us $1,000 to process the claim and we will send you your money” … yeah, right! We’ve all received letters like these in our email; usually they are easily detectable as being nothing more than scams. The ridiculously huge amounts of money, the terrible spelling and obviously forged documentation are usually a dead giveaway.
But the crooks that send out these kinds of scams are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, and their traps harder to detect as every day a new scam is sent out to unsuspecting victims. Scammers have broadened their net of deceit to include seemingly innocent job offers, investment opportunities, business proposals and even seemingly official letters and emails from government agencies, like the FBI or Interpol.
It was with this in mind that we created a website to counter these criminals: www.scam-letters-collection.com. Here you will find a repository of hundreds of scam letters, emails and seemingly legitimate business proposals that are nothing more than attempts to steal your money or your identity. We’ve set-up www.scam-letters-collection.com to be easy to use, if you, a family member or friend, is suspicious that correspondence you have received may not be legitimate just enter a sentence from the suspect letter or email into our search engine and have the results you need in just seconds.
Don’t see your letter or email here, but you’re sure it’s a scam? Why not add it to our growing database. Just select the Submit Scam Letter tab, fill out the information and we’ll publish it in our next database update.