For your attention

Sir, I have receieved messaROYAL BANK PLC.
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Email Address:
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For your attention,
I humbly wish to inform you that the original copy of the document have been received today been Monday,Time (08:17am) at our head office through courier service by your Representative Lawyer Barrister Jude Moris and it has been confirmed to be correct and authentic by our legal Department.

However we have started processing for the transfer of your approved payment of $9.7 million American Dollars (interest accumulated) from the account of late Dr. Romanus Benson, to your account (which you will send to us without further delay)

Our legal department have scrutinized all the documents necessary for the transfer and found it correct and authentic.

We have been instructed to transfer a total sum of (US$9.7, 000.00 Dollars) from the account of late Dr. RomanuS Benson, to your expected account.

This payment procedure is to be carried out by our transfer department and as such, we would be obliged to furnish you with the relevant payment details upon final confirmation.

It would be necessary to inform you that all dealings with you or your nominated financial institution and our bank would be done under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom Law in accordance with our payment Banking Policy.

It would be essential to note that as a financial intermediary, our obligation to guarantee total fulfillment of the Escrow conditions on the paying and receiving parties cannot be over emphasized.

You are therefore advised to acknowledge the following conditions:

(1) You are required to send to this office, a photocopy of your international passport for identification of your person via (email attachment).

(2) Your nominated bank account endorsed fully by you to facilitate the transfer.

(3) More so, we wish to inform you that your representative Lawyer from Dakar Senegal in the person of Barrister Jude Moris will come to Scotland and perform the signing of the last document; which will commence at the office of Dr, Stephen Hester. Our (Accounts Dept/Transfer Dept.) as you have appointed him to stand on behalf of you for an official legal endorsement for the final transfer of the money into your Nominated Bank account.

Be informed that as soon as your Representative Lawyer from Senegal signs this last document witting the week in the office of Dr,Stephen Hester Our (Accounts Dept/Transfer Dept.) will immediately start transferring this money into your account, which must be confirmed liquid within 48 hours of official banking duration.

Dear Sir, before you could be able to withdraw any amount from the total money, all the necessary things must be settled, and that should be after when your representative lawyer Barrister Jude Moris, from Dakar Senegal have signed the last document on your behalf here in Scotland.

This procedure would ensure the smooth conclusion of this transaction and you are hereby advised to adhere hitherto.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information and directives.


Yours Faithfully,
Dr, Stephen Hester.

Foreign Operations